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Next Team Membership Meeting: January 16

Posted by DC Water Wizards at Dec 23, 2019 2:32AM PST ( 0 Comments )

The next team membership meeting will be held Thursday, January 16, at 11:30 AM, at Rumsey Aquatic Center. See you there!


DC Water Wizards is now live on the USMS registration server!

To register with USMS as a DC Water Wizard, use this link, and click on “Join USMS Now”:

Registration is available through 2020 for a single prorated registration fee. Registration is required to take advantage of membership benefits and to participate in local swim meets throughout the year.

To learn about the benefits of USMS membership, use this link:

To learn more about USMS, use this link:


The DC Water Wizards had a great time at the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico! It was an incredible experience for our swimmers to compete in a national meet. Our team of 14 (including one new recruit!) was inspired by watching swimmers of all ages (50-100+) and levels.

Team Members who participated include:
David Ball, Alice Bellis, Marvin Blount, Ernestine Brown, Hudie Felming, Kathleen Grant, Audrey Hipkins, Lauretta Jenkins, Mary Kaniewski Margaret Melady, Jim Sale, Sally Stoecker, Lawrence Thurston, and David Kaetzel (new recruit)

Our team received lots of attention and compliments on our red warm-up suits, even a quick shot on the local news. Don’t blink or you’ll miss us towards the end of this clip. (You may need to copy and paste this link in your browser if it doesn’t open directly.)

Photos from the meet are posted on the website. Look for the photo album with the cover photo of the Athlete Check-in.

Our team achieved a phenomenal number of awards —- 2 medals (congratulations Lauretta!) and 25 ribbons (4th- 8th place).

Jim Sale (81)
· 500 freestyle—4th
· 50 butterfly—6th
· 50 freestyle—8th
Lauretta Jenkins (80)
· 400 IM—silver
· 200 IM—bronze
· 100 breaststroke—5th
· 200 breaststroke—6th
· 500 freestyle—8th
Margaret Melady (80)
· 50 butterfly—4th
· 200 IM —5th
· 100 IM — 6th
· 50 breaststroke —7th
· 500 freestyle—7th
· 100 breaststroke —8th
Hudie Fleming (79)
· 100 IM – 5th
· 200 freestyle – 5th
· 200 IM – 6th
· 100 backstroke – 6th
· 200 backstroke – 8th
David Kaetzel (76)
· 100 freestyle—5th
· 50 freestyle — 6th
Kathleen Grant (75)
· 100 butterfly—4th
· 50 butterfly—4th
· 200 breaststroke—4th
· 200 IM—5th
· 50 breaststroke —6th
· 100 breaststroke—7th

CONGRATULATIONS to all Water Wizard NSG winners and competitors!

Have a good summer wherever you decide to swim, and we hope to see you at the Water Wizards picnic on July 10th at Takoma. Details forthcoming!


The DC Water Wizards contingent had a strong performance at the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To view photos, access the photo album posted on the home page. Congratulations to those who competed at the meet! Thank you for representing DC and the Wizards so well.




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